The 33 Best Book Subscription Boxes of 2023

the “best” book subscription box can be subjective and dependent on individual preferences. However, there are several popular and highly regarded book subscription boxes that have consistently received positive reviews.

I can provide you with a list of popular book subscription boxes that were well-regarded as of my last knowledge update. Please note that this list may not include the latest services that have emerged since then. Here are some well-known book subscription boxes:

  1. Book of the Month
  2. OwlCrate
  3. Once Upon a Book Club
  4. The Bookish Box
  5. The Nocturnal Reader’s Box
  6. Book Riot’s Book Mail Box
  7. Uppercase Box
  8. LitJoy Crate
  9. My Book Box
  10. Muse Monthly
  11. Unplugged Book Box
  12. FairyLoot
  13. SpearCraft Book Box
  14. Coffee and a Classic
  15. The Book Drop
  16. Call Number
  17. My Thrill Club
  18. Fresh Fiction Box
  19. Shelflove Crate
  20. Bookishly’s Tea and Book Club
  21. Cozy Reader Club
  22. The Willoughby Book Club
  23. Authentic Books
  24. Illumicrate
  25. The Wordy Traveler
  26. Well-Read Black Girl
  27. The Bookworm Box
  28. The Book Hookup
  29. The Book(ish) Box
  30. The Bookish Shop’s Quarterly Subscription
  31. The Bookish Society
  32. Lit-Cube
  33. The Bookworm Boutique’s Novel Tea Club

Please keep in mind that availability, review & pricing, and quality of these subscription boxes may have changed since my last update. It’s always a good idea to research and read recent reviews before choosing a subscription box that suits your preferences.

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